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Planning for Prosperity

Our vision

One of the most important roles in planning is to make sure the right signals are sent to the market to attract interest and investment in our state.

Anyone interested in investing in South Australia should be welcomed. The planning system we are delivering will be modern, transparent, predictable and easy to use.

It’s vital to provide land use options that support the growth of industry, whether existing or new, and to ensure there is certainty about where major economic activity will occur. Our system will allow the state to focus on industries with significant growth potential, as well as unlocking opportunities for us to forge inroads into new and emerging industries.

It will also enable us to recognise the importance of protecting our food-bowl, tourism assets and picturesque landscapes and ensure they are able showcase the best of what this state has to offer both now and long into the future.

How are we achieving our vision?

Why is this important?

These snapshots help explain the South Australian context driving this vision. See more at Data Snapshots.


Tonsley Innovation District

Tonsley is an employment hub integrating industry, education, training, research, and residential living in a re-purposed precinct once dominated by the Mitsubishi Motors manufacturing facility.

Seeking to attract investment in advanced manufacturing, resources and mining, renewable energy and clean technology, Tonsley’s transformation is emblematic of the evolution in thinking about the future industries relevant to South Australia.

The project is anticipated to be complete in 2027 and bring a net economic benefit of approximately $500 million including 6300 full time jobs, 10,000 students annually, 2500 students on site each day and up to 1500 residents living in 1000 dwellings.


Environment and Food Production Areas (EFPAs)

Our new planning system will protect our food-bowl, tourism assets and picturesque landscapes.

We’ve established the Environment and Food Production Areas (EFPAs) surrounding metropolitan Adelaide. This protects our valuable food producing and rural areas, as well as conserving our prized natural landscapes and tourism resources.

Importantly, the EFPAs help encourage the building of new homes in our inner and middle suburbs, supporting the existing public infrastructure and services.

Housing ChoiceAccommodating changing, shrinking households

Living AffordabilityEnsuring affordable living in addition to affordable housing

Public Open SpaceBecoming more important the more we grow

Active Travel Allowing for affordable travel options and a healthy lifestyle

Population GrowthAccommodating growth and new South Australians

Housing GrowthEncouraging new dwellings in planned growth areas

Adelaide CityThe vibrant heart of South Australia

NeighbourhoodsCreating healthy, walkable and affordable places to live

Public TransportProviding affordable transport choices to communities

DemographicsSupporting our changing and ageing population

Sport and RecreationProviding opportunities to get more active

Car OwnershipThe primary mode for South Australians to get around

Greater AdelaideThe engine room of South Australia's economy

Planning ReformsAttracting new investment to Metropolitan Adelaide

Land SupplyProviding enough land for future growth

EmploymentMeeting the needs of changing and rising industries

PortsLinking our economy interstate and internationally

Natural LandscapesProtecting and preserving for future prosperity

Changing ClimateBuilding resilience for future generations

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