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Assessment and Advisory Committees

The scope of South Australia’s new planning system means it needs to be delivered in stages over a number of years. While we’re in this transition period, elements of the current system will operate as normal.

For now, the following assessment and advisory bodies will continue to support the Minister for Planning as per the current Development Act 1993. Once the new Planning Commission is introduced in April 2017, its sub-committee structure will be defined.  

An assessment committee must be established as a sub-committee of the Commission.

Development Assessment Commission

The Development Assessment Commission (DAC) independently assesses and determines specified kinds of development applications in South Australia, including (but not limited to) Crown and public infrastructure development, developments of significant regional impact and major developments.

Building Rules Assessment Commission

The Building Rules Assessment Commission (BRAC) is an expert industry referral group who ensure consistency and timely decision making occurs on all technical matters relating to the Building Code of Australia. The Commission is also responsible for considering applications for unjustifiable hardship under the Disability Discrimination Act.

Development Policy Advisory Committee

Development Policy Advisory Committee (DPAC) is a statutory body established under South Australia’s Development Act 1993 (the current Act), providing independent advice to the Minister for Planning on a range of planning and development matters including proposals to amend Development Plans. DPAC conducts the public consultation process for the Ministerial Development Plan Amendments, considers the written and verbal submissions and accordingly provides advice to the Minister.

Page last modified Wednesday, 19 July 2017